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Drug Crimes


Laws governing drug possession vary according to the type and quantity of the drug in question. Possession of any significant amount of a controlled substance — whether marijuana or meth, spice or heroin — will usually be charged as possession with intent to distribute. A conviction for intent to distribute can result in a prison sentence.

You can find yourself charged with drug possession even if you had no drugs on you. For example, if a passenger in a car you are driving is carrying ecstasy or drug paraphernalia like a pipe with drug residue, you could be charged even if you had no knowledge of it.

Illicit drugs and paraphernalia

Drug possession charges can have unanticipated consequences that may last a lifetime. If you are convicted of a drug crime, you will not be able to apply for student financial aid. You could be denied access to student housing. You may find it difficult to gain entry to some colleges.

A drug possession conviction on your record can make it more difficult to get a job, can be a barrier to getting security clearance that you may need for work, or may prevent you from getting a professional license. It can also make it more difficult to rent an apartment.

Deservedly or not, drug crimes can draw some of the toughest sentences in the criminal justice system. But it is also an area where alternative sentencing and treatment can be ordered, particularly if it is your first offense.

At Matchett Law, we understand the rules of evidence and how problems in search and seizure can result in charges being dismissed. We explore every opportunity to get charges reduced before trial or to negotiate for treatment rather than jail or prison time. We work tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome for you.

You can count on Attorney Ed Matchett for a strong defense.

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